Please find below the latest research and funding calls relevant to outbreak preparedness and response in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Global Research Nurses Pump Priming Awards 2021

The Global Research Nurses hub and The Global Health Network

Closing date:  Friday 17th September 2021, Midnight (BST)


The Global Research Nurses hub and The Global Health Network have made available £20,000 funds for small pump-priming grants of between £2000 and £10000 specifically for nursing and midwifery-led research projects relevant to Low and Middle-Income Countries

Nurses are always at the forefront of delivering care to patients and playing a key role in identifying and improving their quality of life. By getting involved in research, nurses can play a vital role in improving patient care since research is the only evidence-based method of deciding whether a new approach to care is better than current practice.

Funds may be used for three types of activities:

1. To fund an exchange visit(s) to or from another area working on the same nursing and midwifery research project or with a view to developing a collaborative project
2.To cover the costs of conducting a new small research project (typically proof-of-principle studies to facilitate further funding through other funders)
3. To host a local, national or regional workshop/meeting about nursing/midwifery research with a view to subsequently developing a project
The grant application should be for either a research project, travel or a workshop, not a mixture.

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