The UK-PHRST are deployed to outbreaks all over the world from Bangladesh to Nigeria to Sudan. Working alongside in-country staff from Minstries of Health, NGOs and other government organisations, UK-PHRST successfully help to combat the outbreak and protect countries against future threats to health. Read some of our stories below:

1. Using PPE in outbreak response 

This project investigated the use of PPE to protect people from Lassa Fever, in specific Lassa Fever Treatment Centres (LTCs) across Nigeria.

2. Mystery pathogens and the role of the modular flight case mobile laboratory

To test and diagnose disease, UK-PHRST deployed research expertise and various components of the modular flight case laboratory via airline courier to The Philippines. 


3. What does it take to deploy in 48 hours? 

As part of the triple remit, the UK-PHRST have a cadre of experts available to deploy to an outbreak in a matter of 48 hours, but what does it take to be ready to deploy?


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