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Launching the new UK-PHRST Knowledge Hub

The UK-PHRST are pleased to announce the launch of this new Knowledge Hub, where practitioners and researchers can find and share the most useful information for their work in outbreak response. We look forward to you joining, contributing and using our Knowledge Hub as a reliable and up-to-date source on outbreak response. Please do give us feedback on how you would like to see the UK-PHRST Knowledge Hub evolve by starting a discussion below.

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Share and discuss key COVID-19 Resources for LMICs

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues sharing of knowledge, tools and key information is more vital than ever. Please feel free to use this as a forum to share links to key information and comment on those shared by others.


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The UK-PHRST continues to contribute to SSHAP (the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform) a programme of work focusing on the social dimensions of emergency responses and aims to encourage emergency responses ...

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Tools & Platforms

A discussion forum for tools, standard operating procedures and additional plaforms providing resources aiming to support outbreak response.


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Identifying and testing people who may have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive case is crucial to limit the spread of COVD-19. Contact tracing has been used during previous outbreaks but ...

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