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The COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training is based on the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Infection Control Network (ICAN) live webinar series. The webinar series provided remote comprehensive IPC support to IPC practitioners, healthcare workers, health facility managers, and local officials who deliver healthcare services across Africa and the webinar videos and presentation slides are now available here. Please note, some of the resources may contain out of date information as the pandemic evolves. 

You can now join the IPC Community of Practice on Telegram in both French and English to interact with and receive support from experts and peers.

IPC Community of Practice Telegram Group
Communauté de pratique pour la prévention et le contrôle des infections IPC Telegram Group


1.1 IPC Introduction: Overview and Preparedness
16 April 2020


  • Convening an IPC team to respond to COVID. 
  • Conducting audits and needs assessments. 
  • How to identify a key priorities within a health facility.

IPC Introduction: Overview and Preparedness Presentation Slides

1.2 Triage and patient flow
22 April 2020


  • Protecting health facilities.
  • Entry screening, monitoring during the patient journey. 
  • Applying case definitions, managing visitors and family carers.

Triage and patient flow Presentation Slides

1.3 Personal Protective Equipment for COVID
29 April 2020


  • Role of each element of PPE.
  • Relevant standards and specifications.
  • Techniques to minimise need for PPE using engineering and administrative controls. 

Personal Protective Equipment for COVID presentation slides

1.4 Isolation and cohorting 
6 May 2020                                              


  • Principles of Isolation and Cohorting.
  • How to institute isolation and cohorting in different health care settings
  • How to adapt existing health facilities to minimise risk of transmission

Isolation and cohorting presentation slides

1.5 Environmental Hygiene   
13 May 2020                                    


  • Role of fomites in transmission of COVID
  • Materials and techniques for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Techniques for training and support for cleaning and ancillary staff.

Environmental Hygiene presentation slides

Cleaning Best Practices presentation slides

Environmental Spraying presentation slides

Disinfectant tunnels pdf 


1.6 Infection Control Measures in the community
20 May 2020


  • Messaging and Risk Communications.
  • Countering misinformation
  • Refugee Camps and Informal Settlements.

Risk communication and countering misinformation presentation slides